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We recently made our way to 34 Portwalk Place in Portsmouth, NH to try out BRGR Bar! Brought to you by local restaurateur Phelps (Dieck) Craig, the original chef, creator, and owner of Brazo. This is where we had the pleasure to try some menu items, take some photos, and learn more about BRGR. To help us achieve all of this was BRGR Bar's very own Carolyn Gregory.

Thank you for having us, Carolyn. Please tells us more about this restaurant.

BRGR Bar is a casual burger joint with an upscale feel. It's the perfect place for an adult night out but friendly and inviting enough to bring the whole family. With focus on craft beers, fine bourbons and delicious burgers. And of course our award winning milkshakes are a major attraction.

We had the Brussels Sprouts to start with.

Our buffalo brussels sprouts with warm Gorgonzola dip are quickly becoming a customer favorite. People come into the restaurant specifically on the recommendation that they "HAVE" to try the buffalo brussel sprouts. They turn the staunchest vegetable haters into brussel sprout lovers.

Then we got to the main dishes. Each one was a different burger served with an assortment of unique fries and dipping sauces. The first one was "The BRGR."

"The BRGR", our play on a classic burger. Thin double MFF beef pattys, LTO, crispy bacon, American cheese and our secret sauce.

Up next is the "What The Duck" burger.

Our “What The Duck” burger is the perfect blend of sweet and savory. A crispy duck patty, cheddar cheese, apple celery root slaw, pomegranate bbq and duck fat mayo.

"The Godfather" burger was our last menu item.

“The Godfather” burger is a mouthwatering Italian style burger. Our six ounce MFF beef patty topped with prosciutto, roasted roma tomatoes, sauteed onions, arugula and fresh mozzarella make for a burger that lives up to its name.


Everything tasted spectacular and we had a great time! Thanks for having us Carolyn. We'll definitely be back again soon. Please touch on being an independent locally owned business.

With Portsmouth growing as quickly as it is and this side of town booming it is important that we keep local restaurants and small business alive and part of the growth. Being a small business owner in a big town Phelps understands the importance of keeping things local from the beers that we feature on draft to locally sourced produce.

Not only is the food amazing, but BRGR Bar offers a great selection of drinks as well. From their adult milkshakes to their custom cocktails, they definitely live up to the "Bar" in their name. To see photos of a few drinks and more bonus content, check out the slideshow below. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for our next blog post!



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