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From seafood to steakhouse, from tapas to taphouse, we have featured many restaurants in the Portsmouth, NH area. But we have yet to cover a restaurant that primarily serves pizza. This is the official introduction into the glorious world of cheese, sauce, toppings, and bread crust. Without further ado, we bring to you the well known and well loved Flatbread Company. With numerous locations and a great reputation, we just had to head over to 138 Congress Street to try their popular pizza. We were fortunate enough to meet with Kitchen Manager, Ryan LaBossiere.

Thanks for having us Ryan, please tell us about Flatbread. 

Flatbread Company is a casual, family-oriented restaurant built strongly on supporting organic and local foods as well as supporting our community. As the owners often say, it's a place where both guests and employees can come to "renew their spirit," meaning indulge in delicious, homemade food, great company, in a comfortable environment.  Meals can cost anywhere from $14 to $18 per person.



For starters, we tried one of Flatbread's delicious salads. Please tell us about this menu item.

The Organic Family-Style Salad is a larger portion of our house salad meant for larger parties to share. It is composed of organic red and green leaf lettuce, local, organic spring mix, our organic berry vinaigrette, organic shredded carrots, organic celery, hydrated kelp (Portland, ME.) and toasted, organic sesame seeds. Note that it is 100% organic!

After sampling the salad it was time to jump right into a few different pizzas! Which pie do you have in store for us first, Ryan?

The Carne Special (also known as The Mopsy!) is made with homemade mango barbeque sauce, house-brined, oven-roasted pulled pork, whole milk mozzarella, local goat cheese, sliced pineapples, organic sliced red onions, shredded parmesan and our organic herb blend. This is a Flatbread Company staple that originated in our Maui location. Due to its stunning popularity, we run it the first full week of each month as our carne special.


That was amazing! Next up is a vegetarian option. What's on this pizza?

This one is the Veggie Special which has local, organic arugula walnut pesto, local goat cheese, rehydrated cranberries and organic, and sliced red onions. Our own balsamic reduction drizzled on after it comes out of the oven. We love to try and incorporate local products into our specials and regularly attend farmer's markets to try and find ingredients. In this case we received arugula from The Kitchen Gardener and turned it into our arugula pesto (vegan).

Another fantastic pie. What is this last pizza? 

Finally we have the Jay's Heart. This is the Flatbread Company's traditional cheese and sauce pizza. It features our slow-cooked, cauldron-fired tomato sauce with whole milk mozzarella, imported parmesan and our organic herb blend. Hands down the bestselling bread in the restaurant.


So what can one order from Flatbread? Salad, pizza, and... dessert, of course. Please tell us about this tasty treat.

This is the 1/2 Brownie Dessert, served in either half or whole portions, Barbara's homemade brownie is warmed in our wood-fired oven then plated with Annabelle's French vanilla ice cream and our maple-sweetened homemade whipped cream. Barbara takes care of our dessert menu and makes all her items from scratch in her kitchen for all the Flatbread Company restaurants. Annabelle's is located just down the street in Tugboat Alley and make all their ice cream from scratch.


The food was out of this world, thanks Ryan! Please tell us what it means to be a local independent business.

The best part of being a local business is helping and being part of a community. We support dozens of organizations through our weekly benefit nights on Tuesdays as well as donate breads to countless organizations in order to support and feed those that are doing good and being a part of the community as well. From a food standpoint, we try to support the local economy as best we can by communicating with and buying from local farmers and businesses. We've had nearly ten successful years at this location, and are always looking to give back to the people that have supported us.


Learn more about the Flatbread Company by checking out their website and like them on Facebook for updates and upcoming events. Make sure to check out the slideshow below for bonus photos, which includes shots of their traditional brick oven, extra interior shots, and more. Thanks for reading!



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