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Jumpin' Jay's

Jumpin' Jay's

Further down the same street as The District, we made our way to Jumpin' Jay's. Located at 150 Congress St, in downtown Portsmouth, NH.  We were fortunate enough to try some menu items, take some photos, and learn more about this great restaurant. To help us achieve all of this was Jumpin' Jay's General Manager, Katharine McGrath.

Thanks for having us, Katharine. What should we know about Jumpin' Jay's?

Jumpin’ Jay’s Fish Café is a casual fine dining restaurant, known to the locals as a fun and lively restaurant with friendly and knowledgeable service. Going on 14 years we continue to pride ourselves with innovative seafood dishes and the freshest fish menu in Portsmouth. You can also enjoy fabulous wines from around the world, one of our famous martinis, or a locally brewed beer. Our Raw Bar offers a variety of the freshest oysters and clams found anywhere. Whether you prefer a cozy table or our full service bar, we guarantee a memorable experience!
Entrée prices range from $19 to $32.

First up is the Pear & Radicchio Salad.

This is made up of a whole pear that is halved, cored and roasted in brown sugar and butter until tender. The core is stuffed with gorgonzola cheese and heated just enough to melt the cheese. The pear is then served with a ball of julienned radicchio, pumpkin seeds, Gorgonzola cheese and dried cranberries. The salad is finally dressed with balsamic and topped with a balsamic port drizzle.

Next up we tried the Raw Bar Items.

This consists of a daily selection of fresh oysters, our jumbo cocktail shrimp, snow crab claws, and littleneck clams. All served with our zesty house specialty cocktail sauce and our daily mignonette.

Another meal we tried was the Yellowfin Tuna.

The Yellowfin Tuna with Mandarin Sesame Glaze & Wasabi Aioli is by far one of our most popular fresh catch combinations, pan seared Yellowfin Tuna served with our seasonal sides of Russet mashed potatoes, sauteed asparagus and balsamic glazed golden beets.  The Yellowfin Tuna is served with our Mandarin Sesame Glaze and Wasabi Aioli.

Our next dish is the Haddock Piccata.

The Haddock Piccata is Jumpin’ Jay’s House Specialty. The haddock is dusted with parsley and seasoned breadcrumbs, then cooked in brown butter and oil. The creamy piccata sauce, dotted with capers and a tang of citrus, really makes the dish. The haddock piccata is served with our seasonal sides of Russet mashed potatoes, sautéed asparagus and balsamic glazed golden beets. For those who do not love fish, we can make it with chicken too!

We finished up with the Brown Butter Banana Cake.

Our brown butter banana cake is served alongside a scoop of salted caramel gelato and drizzled with a decadent peanut butter ganache. To garnish, we top with banana brulee.

The food was fantastic Katharine! Please tell us what being an independent restaurant in Portsmouth mean to you.

Being an independently locally owned business gives us the opportunity to  get to know our customers and build some really great relationships. We are also able to work extremely closely with our vendors to get the freshest and best quality product possible. Being a locally owned business means a bigger commitment to not only our guests, but our community. Giving back is a big part of what we do here at Jumpin’ Jay’s. 

As well as the main dishes shown above, we also tried some extra dishes and a few drinks. To see photos of those drinks, some extra dishes, and more bonus content, check out the slideshow below. A big thanks to all the staff and everyone that made this post a possibility. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for our next blog post!