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Manager Matthew Clark preparing a beverage for a customer.

Manager Matthew Clark preparing a beverage for a customer.

In the center of downtown Portsmouth, NH you'll find a bustling Market Square. You may remember our past post featuring Rudi's on Congress Street. Well, directly across from Rudi's is an equally as popular establishment called Popovers on the Square. This cozy spot, owned by local restauranteur, John Tinios and business partner Chef Steve James, can't be defined as just a restaurant, it's much much more. To help us understand all that is Popovers we enlisted the help of Manager, Matthew Clark.

Hello Matthew, it's great to finally make your acquaintance! Please tell us what makes Popovers so special. 

We are a café and patisserie located in the heart of historic Market Square. We embrace the European philosophy of fresh seasonal food, coffees, fine wines, relaxing ambiance, and—of course—exceptional pastries and desserts. We consider ourselves a home-away-from-home for those who wish to relax, eat well, and meet old and new friends. With our daily specials, there is always something new to enjoy.


Because Popovers is so unique, we decided to mix it up a little with how we feature the menu items. For this week's blog post we decided to break up the dishes into categories. They are Breakfast, Lunch, Small Plates, and Dessert.

To start off breakfast we had to try the one thing that gives this great place it's name.

First is the Popover with homemade maple butter.


What's next on the menu for breakfast, Matthew?

Second is the Salmon and Egg Panini which is two fried eggs, native prime smoked salmon, dill cream cheese, red onion, and diced peppers on Greek pita flatbread, served with a side of mixed fruit.

Breakfast was amazing! What's on the menu for lunch?

To begin lunch we have the Pear & Gorgonzola salad which is made of burgundy poached pears, crumbled gorgonzola, toasted almonds, cucumbers, carrots, house infused herb oil, and balsamic glaze served over mixed greens.

For another lunch item, we were able to sample a delicious sandwich. What do we have here?
This is the Chipotle Ham and Pork Panini with Chipotle citrus mustard aioli, black forest ham, seasoned shredded pork, and a dill pickle served on a pretzel roll.


Lucky for us, two small plates were served and they were equally appetizing. What are these dishes?

The Rotini & Cheese is creamy smoked gouda cheese sauce baked with an herbed bacon crumb topping. And the Feta Spread consists of toasted Greek pita crostini’s, mini popovers, olive tapenade, and tomato confit.

And for the grand finale we tried three desserts! Which tasty treats are these?

For dessert we have the Fruit Tart, Key Lime Pie, and the Crème Brulee.

We loved our visit to Popovers! Please speak on being an independent locally owned business.

We are proud to be an independent family-owned restaurant, this gives us the freedom to better serve our guests, staff, and the community. We are able to react faster to our customers than the corporate chain restaurants, because we can change policies more effectively. We show our commitment to the community by supporting organizations such as The Music Hall, Tenants Association at Pease, My Breast Cancer Support, Portsmouth High School, The Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce, and many more! We are glad to be part of this thriving Seacoast community. – John Tinios


You have an announcement for us and our readers?

Yes! We are excited to announce that we are opening our second Popovers location in Epping, NH. The new restaurant will be 3,300 square feet with 136 seats (including outdoor seating) and is expected to open by the end of July. This is twice the number of seats as the original Popovers on the Square in Portsmouth.
We will offer breakfast and lunch as we do in the Portsmouth Popovers, but we will expand the dinner menu in Epping. We will offer sophisticated comfort food, such as meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, and dinner time specials.  In addition to the expanded dinner menu, the new location will offer Popovers' menu of coffees, wines, European-style pastries and desserts, soups, sandwiches and salads, as well as a full bar.

Thats fantastic news! Two Popovers are better than one, we always say.

But as you await the Epping location to open up, make sure you head over to Popovers on the Square in Portsmouth. Whether you need a morning coffee, a filling breakfast, a delicious lunch, or you just want to treat yourself to a pastry, Popovers is your one stop shop. And you couldn't ask for a better location than Market Square at 8 Congress Street. They are open seven days a week, hours adjusted seasonally, see website for details. Also head over to their website for their menus, about and contact information, and more. Take a look at their Facebook page for daily specials and news updates and you can follow them on Twitter as well. Make sure to check out the slideshow below for more photos of Popovers, the interior, exterior, a "Homemade Sangria," more pastries and other treats, and much more. You can like the Port's Mouth Facebook page for exclusive content. Thanks for reading, see you next Wednesday!



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